About me,

Rahman Hassani is an Iranian Kurdish photographer, artist and a Graphic Designer. He started as a Graphic Designer and painter in west of Iran, Kurdistan. Since 2004, while based in Kurdistan of Iran, his photographs have reported the poverty and discrimination issues among Kurdish people in Iraq and Iran.

He studied Ba of Graphic Design in UCNA University of Tabriz at 2007 and after he got his Degree he moved to Iraqi Kurdistan ,Erbil in 2010 and he worked as a Graphic Designer and Photographer for two years for many local Newspapers and photo agencies. Also, during this period of times he has been working as a freelance photographer, his photographer has been published in BBC News, BBC Farsi, Meher Photo agency (Iran), Taw Magazine photograph, Galyar Advertisement magazine and his works has been shown in so many photography exhibitions in midldle East and Europe. Rahman latest works as documenter photographer has been reporting the life of smugglers and the black illegal trade at the border between Iraq and Iran where Rahman was born.

In addition, he moved to the UK at 2012 and He studied his Master of Photojournalism and documentary photography in University London of Art (LCC) at 2015