Hampstead Heath

Sharafkhaneh Port, Lake Urmia, Iran



Halloween 2016 London

Kurdish Festival Of Pir Shaliar In Uramantakt-Iran.


Documentary photography

	 Large of Kurds are crossing the border carrying heavy boxes to earn money. For decades, the Iraq-Iran border has served as a smuggling route, mainly to transport Chinese goods to Iran. Since the fall of President Saddam Hussein, the border has been controlled by Kurdish groups and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Frequent clashes have been witnessed too. Couriers who work for Iranian and Iraqi Kurdish smugglers face high temperatures and the risk of shooting by border guards, all to earn an estimated $5 a trip. On a recent afternoon, machine-gun fire was audible at certain spots along the border. The increased presence of Iranian Kurdish armed groups in the area has added to the risks facing these smuggling operations, the border contains lots of deadly main lands that leads to kill many workers at the time, many of them lots their leg and killed as well.

Kulbar, Walking on landmines.



 Caribbean carnival-Leeds

Kandovan, Osku,Village in Iran